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Time Waster
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Just reporting that I found the .config folder (under my Home directory) and that my JSFX now work. Thanks to everyone for helping me get this up and running.

Edit: I should mention that under linux, the reported latency (5.7 ms) is less than half what it was under windows.

What I don't really understand is that in (from memory) /opt/REAPER/Install Data/Effects are copies of the JSFX files, but they don't seem to do anything. Why is that stuff there? Can I delete it?
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Jack Winter
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Regarding latency, it's possible that on windows the soundcard driver reports the real latency but on linux there is no driver so that reaper only shows the latency it knows about (buffer x periods / samplerate). Without driver it has no way of knowing about any extra latency added by the soundcard (and possibly by the usb protocol). Best would be to load reainsert, connect a cable between an output and an input, and do a ping test. This will tell you the real life loopback latency. You can even add compensation for it manually in the recording prefs.

Don't delete anything in /opt/REAPER. The install data is needed if reaper doesn't find the user configuration dir and it needs to create a new one.
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