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Default Request: Auto region creation based on percentage of item


Iím looking for a way to create regions on multiple items on a single track. The items will likely be .wav and may very well be of different lengths. This will become a marker on loop creation for the wav so as to when itís imported into a sampler it has a looped region already in place.

Iíve been, up to this point, putting the wav on separate tracks, creating a region and snapping the items in place under the region. This works well with one caveat, sometimes the region works well for one item but may be to long for a different item.

I am searching for a script to create regions based on a percentage of an items time. So if itís a 5 second item, 20% would create a region from the 4th second to the end of the item (the last 20%).
Iíd like to set a number of items on the same track, run a script on that track, and have regions created, in the percentage specified, on all items on that track.

Sound crazy?
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