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Default Would it be possible....

To put in a feature where you could rescan JUST the Waves plugins. Very occasionally I'll pick up a new Waves plugin, install it, then I have to clear the VST cache completely (rescanning my unreasonably large plugin collection and taking up a lot of time) just so I can use my new purchase.

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You can already do this, it's just not exactly a feature built into Reaper. If you go to your reaper folder (the one with JSFX and colour themes folders in it), there should be a vstplugins.ini file (you'll probably want the 64bit version) and you can go through that and delete just the entries for plugins you want it to rescan (or possibly one of the other waves plugins so that it rescans the whole thing). I notice there's also a vstshells.ini file which might make it easier to delete the entries you're looking for, but I'd make a backup first as I've not tried modifying that file before.
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