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Default Background image in TCP?

Is it possible to have a background image in the TCP? Just curious. Thought it'd be interesting.
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Don't know what exactly you mean.

A ReaperTheme is made out of hundreds of .pngs that build the "skin" that you see.
If this is what you mean, then yes, you can have a background image (i.e. a different background image) than the one that you see.

The graphics are called "tcp_bg.png" for a tcp track display and "tcp_bgsel.png" for a selected tcp track display.

You can find them in a reapertheme folder (that belongs to a .reapertheme file) or in a reaperthemezip (which contains the .reapertheme file and the folder).

To unpack a reaperthemezip with WinZip or WinRAR or whatever, you have to rename it to zip (e.g. "MyTheme.ReaperThemeZip" to "MyTheme.zip"). If you've made your changes put everything back into a zip file (the reapertheme and the folder with the altered graphics) and rename it "MyTheme.ReaperThemeZip".

However, it is important to keep the magenta colored lines at the top left and bottom right of the image, although you can lengthen or shorten them. They determine which part of the image is squeezed or stretched if you change the size (height or width) of a tcp track; ranges marked with the color (that has to be exactly 255 0 255) ar not altered, while ranges not marked are.

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