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Default allow measure division to be configured

I recently wrote a piece in 6/8 and to my surprise the vertical beat lines were all wrong. They looked like a 3/4 with subdivisions (X.X.X.) Which not only looks odd but makes snapping to the second-strong beat - the four - more difficult than it should (if it were X..X..).

In case some users want 6/8 really to look like that I ask for a configuration for the measure division into strong and weak beats. This would also come in handy in odd meters like 7/8 (X.X.X.. or X..X.X. or X.X..X.) or compound meters like 6/8+3/4 (~12/8 but X..X..X.X.X.).


PS: This may or may not be tied to requests to change metronome pattern based on meter markers. Actually this may fo the trick. The grid will reflect the pattern of the metronome - or vice verse: the default pattern will refelct the grid.
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