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Default No mixer faders motion by MIDI external control.

Update, *resolved* by setting the appropriate action: - Track: Set volume for track 'n' -
But still I listen to other suggestions or recommendations.


I have a Novation 61SL MKII controller, I want the default volume faders of each track (regardless they are audio, VSTi or external MIDI modules) in the Reaper mixer to respond visually by moving according to the data sent by 61SL (or any other external controller capable of sending MIDI CC)
I expect the fader to move both when receiving/recording incoming CC data and by playing as well.
I have read, several times in the manual and forum post here, but I certainly get more and more confused.

I've got it working using ReaControl MIDI in the Track Panel, so no problem there. But in the Mixer I could not do it, even though the fader destination shows that there is an input signal (white midi data VU)

A typical scenario could be: 8 tracks: 3 of audio, 3 MIDI (external module)and 2 virtual instruments tracks) in order to control the volume from the Novation which is sending MIDI vol. CC7 to each track of the Reaper, I just want get visual feedback in faders it and in the simplest and easiest way

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