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Default BUG: Plugin output of values +1.0 and -1.0 are silent. (Demo plugin attached).

Sorry for the cross-post but I just noticed most of the OSX bug reports are in here. (Which forum is preferred for OSX bug reports?)

BUG: When the output of my plugins are EXACTLY 1.0 or -1.0, no sound comes from Reaper's output (however the peak meters correctly display signal at 0 db).

This causes a horrible ripping sound whenever a 1.0 or -1.0 is output. (And my plugin has a soft-clip saturation feature which limits output at -1.0 to 1.0, this is how I discovered it.)

Changing either the track volume, or the master volume, from 0 dB to any other value immediately allows the sound to come through. Also, changing the output level in my plugin does it too.

Doesn't happen on Windows.

Here's a plugin I quickly made from Steinberg's again sample project. It ignores the input and every 44 samples changes the output level from exactly -1.0 to 1.0. This gives an approximate 1 kHz square wave at 44.1 kHz. (You'll get a higher pitch with higher sample rates.) There's also a gain control in the plugin, which is set to 0 dB by default. (You can set any of the gains to 0 dB by doubleclicking their slider thumb). Changing this gain to anything above or below 0 dB will cause the sound to come through. But it's still outputting sound at 0 dB, as you'll see in the peak meters. You just can't hear it.

You can download the demo plugin here,
(Also attached to my original post: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=33692 ).

Just in case it's a driver issue, I'm using an Edirol UA-1000 with latest greatest OSX driver. (Works great! I have it down to 16 samples latency on the Mac! I can't go lower than 64 samples in Windows.)

(Also, make sure you put a synth or an input before it or Reaper will assume there's nothing to do and not activate the plugin.)

Known issue?

The process code from this demo plugin, FYI:
void AGain::processReplacing (float** inputs, float** outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)
    //float* in1  =  inputs[0];
    //float* in2  =  inputs[1];
    float* out1 = outputs[0];
    float* out2 = outputs[1];

    while (--sampleFrames >= 0)
		float fVal = -1.f;
		if (iSampleCount++ > 20)
			if (iSampleCount > 40) iSampleCount = 0;
			fVal = 1.f;
		(*out1++) = fVal * fGain * 2.f;
		(*out2++) = fVal * fGain * 2.f;

void AGain::processDoubleReplacing (double** inputs, double** outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)
    //double* in1  =  inputs[0];
    //double* in2  =  inputs[1];
    double* out1 = outputs[0];
    double* out2 = outputs[1];
	double dGain = fGain;

    while (--sampleFrames >= 0)
		float fVal = -1.f;
		if (iSampleCount++ > 20)
			if (iSampleCount > 40) iSampleCount = 0;
			fVal = 1.f;
		(*out1++) = (double) fVal * dGain * 2.0;
		(*out2++) = (double) fVal * dGain * 2.0;
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