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Default Newbie: Reaper w/Saffire 6 USB

Hey guys.
I'm new to Reaper, MacBook Pro, and the Saffire 6 USB, but am a 6 yr PC ProTools user.

That being said...everything is installed properly and the Macbook and Reaper both recognize the Saffire 6 usb. The problem is, when attempting to record a mono or stereo signal from my MPC4000, Reaper registers ZERO INPUT!

I clearly hear the input via the monitors (plugged into the Saffire 6), but zilch as far as the Reaper master track or track 1 monitor display. Not to mention- apparently the Saffire 6, nor Reaper generates MTC to control the starting/stopping on my MPC (like my ProTools setup, have MIDI OUT from the Saffire 6 routed to MIDI IN on the MPC.)

Would greatly appreciate on you of Mac/Reaper geniuses helping a guy out!
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