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Default Preserve paths in batch file/item converter

It would be nice to have the ability to duplicate the source directory structure when batch converting numerous files. I'm working with a great example tonight where this functionality would be helpful, so I'm going to explain what I'm doing.

For context: I'm a sound designer in the game industry, and I'm working on voiceover for a game I'm on currently.

I have 15,589 lines of dialogue that need a specific mastering process. These lines are stored within a folder structure several levels deep, sorted by character and purpose. This is how these files are implemented into the game.

I drag the root folder to the batch file/item converter to load all the files, and that works just fine. I configure the settings the way I want, I tick Use FX, then load the appropriate FX chain.

But when these files are written out to a destination directory, all 15,589 files are going to be written to a single folder. I will then have to go back in and sort them into the correct folders again. I'll be using a script I'm going to write because screw doing that by hand. But it would be great if there was a "preserve hierarchy" option that would automatically create the folder structure for me and drop all the files into the correct folders based on their source paths.

As an example of a tool that does this wonderfully, Myriad from Audiofile Engineering does it. But they don't have plugin support, it's more of a conversion kind of tool.

Anyway, I know I would use this feature quite a bit, and a lot of other game audio folks would benefit from this tool. We're often juggling thousands of files and this would speed things up considerably. This would also be useful to people wanting to apply conversion processes or fx to large collections of samples while preserving their folder structure.

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Very useful functionality. Would be great to see it implemented.
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This would be insanely useful!
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super useful for game audio
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+1, also would love to see this. Very useful for those of us who work on developing large sound libraries as well.
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I can definitly see how this would be useful !
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Agreed. This is a must for batch processing. There's a workaround, though. I use "use source file directory" check in the Batch File Item converter, and then I add a suffix to the name, so it will process all the files in your very same path, but with the suffix or prefix. Afterwards, you would have to get rid of the source files and rename processed ones. Not perfect, but at least I don't have to depend on some other software.

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You may use new/$item construction for file name so Reaper will create "new" folder in each subfolder of the original audio! Cut and paste new files will be much easier than renaming each one!
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