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Default Camomile new release - A VST2-3/AU/LV2 audio plugin with Pure Data embedded

following the recommendation, I create a new thread here

I'm pleased to announce the new Camomile release 1.0.6!
Camomile is a free and open-source plugin with Pure Data embedded that offers to load and to control patches inside a digital audio workstation. The plugin is available in the VST2, VST3, Audio Unit and LV2 formats for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Downloads, information and documentation are available on the website:


Pure data is an open source visual programming language for multimedia and especially audio where "objects" are "patched" together to create audio effects and instruments. Pure Data enables musicians, visual artists, performers, researchers, and developers to create software graphically without writing lines of code and that can be used as audio plugins with Camomile. Here are three examples of plugins created with Camomile but there is an infinity of possibilities!

Other examples are available on internet:
This new version includes several great new features:
  • Add support for the LV2 format thanks to the work of Filipe Coelho that created an interface for the LV2 format with JUCE.
  • Add a new plugin example PdStalFx that allows to dynamically load patches. It can be used in a similar way to the first Camomile versions (v0.0.1 to v0.0.7).
  • Add support for naming the audio buses, so you can name the first bus "MainBus" and the second bus "SideChain", for example.
  • Add script for Linux and MacOS that speeds up and facilitates the generation of the plugins.

And many other improvements and bug fixes:
  • Fix MIDI channels correlation between Pd (0-15) and Juce (1-16)
  • Fix buses with no-channels (for Debug mode only)
  • Improve console for concurrent access
  • Remove LibWebKit on Linux plugin for better Ardour and Carla Support (#116)
  • Fix text ellipsis of the number boxes and the symbol box
  • Add support for bypass parameter/manual bypass in the patch (#108)
  • Fix param.get abstraction for the first value (using a default value)
  • Improve the IEM/atom GUIS label rendering (#118)
  • Fix invisible comments in subpatches and abstractions (#120)
  • Improve font size rendering
  • Add Fuzzy tests using pluginval on the Travis CI
  • Fix the margins of the main patch

I would like to thanks all the people that helped me for the development and especially Filipe Coelho and Alfonso Santimone! Thanks for your help!

I hope you will like this new release! As always, feel free to give feedback, to submit bugs and to request new features!

You can find further information on these threads:
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Will check this tomorrow !!
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