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Default Automation improvements to Routing popup window

Two requests for the Routing popup window, which I find myself relying on a ton. Screenshots attached.

1. Add automation mode button to the channel fader.

One feature I use constantly in Pro Tools in the pop-up fader within the Edit Window (PT's equivalent to the REAPER arrange window). This makes quick adjustments to a channel's fader and send levels, including writing automation, a breeze -- much faster than digging around the TCP or mixer.

Each channel's Routing popup window in REAPER provides similar functionality, but unlike Pro Tools, I can't engage and write automation to the channel level or mute with this popup fader. (It's odd, because you CAN engage and write automation to the channel's sends within that window.)

2. Engage all visible parameters' envelopes in the popup routing window, NOT just the send level

This perplexed me today when trying to write automation to mute a send.

In the Pro Tools popup fader, changing the automation mode to Write/Latch/Touch engages the fader, mute, and pan automation for the selected channel. Very intuitive.

In the REAPER Routing popup window, changing the automation mode (again, currently only for the channel sends -- please add the channel fader/pan/mute!) to Write/Latch/Touch/etc ONLY engages the send level envelope. It's not clear from the dialog that is the case.

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That first one is weird. I really don’t like that I/O window, as sideway sliders are much harder to control accurately compared to vertical ones. I had no idea they didn’t work for automation though.

The second one is a little hard to follow. What does engage mean here ? I prepare tracks by enabling stuff from the envelope window , or autoactivate&arming envelopes when in a writing mode(preferences option).

How you are expecing this to work, assuming I know nothing ?
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