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Default Behringer X-Touch integration issues


i know there are a bunch of threads out there covering this topic in general, however, this might be the problem in my case as i absolutely have no idea which of the different approaches i found is currently the road to choose.

I got this device yesterday and tried to set it up with the standard MCU integration coming with Reaper but had to find out that functions are limited in some areas.

So i searched and came across the MCU Klinke and CSI projects and tried the CSI this afternoon. I got it working partially, but the X-Touch does unexpected things when e. g. a track select button is pressed, so i guess i did it wrong.

I couldn't find a tutoreal on YT covering a current version of the CSI and i am still not sure if the CSI or MCU Klinke is the preferred way of integrating the X-Touch controller.

Maybe someone could sort this out for me, please?
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I use my XT1 in midi cc mode with realearn. I assigned some controls to custom actions and others to the proper functions, ie transport, pan, volume control. Realearn is awesome and super easy to set up. Just another option.
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Expanding the X-Touch capabilities with ReaLearn would of course be an option wich i would consider as a missing link for things that would not work right out of the box. I would consider either my knowledge and patience to be too limited to create a mapping for the nine faders, encoders and more than 90 buttons from scratch :-). And as things always tend to take longer without proper vision, such a project might not come to an end within the time i am willing to put in here.
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