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Originally Posted by godly View Post
Nah, I don't see any probs with it, it's even delivered as a zip file, so no install, just run it. Works fine for me.
I'm just doubting to switch my live windows 8.1 pc to W10.
Now my 8.1 restarts in 3.8 sec, that's as fast as a Tesla !!! ;-)

I have W10 on my desktop and the restart is as fast or rather as slow as my W7. What are your experiences Richie?
My experience with Windows 10 on 2 production computers has been awesome. Restart time is a little slower, but that does not bother me at all. It doesn't really tell me anything relevant about the OS, as far as I am concerned.
But for the record, I am still saying that I would stay far away from any app that tweaks the OS for me. You may be sorry when you encounter problems later and have a hard time diagnosing them. Ok, I'll get off my soap-box now...
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