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Default Audio input disappeared on tracks

Heya everybody,

I'm running a 2016 MacBook Pro with the latest version of Mojave, also running the most recent release of Reaper. I'm recording through a Focusrite 2i2 and a Keith McMillen k-mix, both have the most recent firmware/software, and they are set up as an aggregate device in my Macbook pro Midi settings. It's been working *perfectly* up until yesterday.

I went to open up Reaper yesterday and record from my aggregate device, but all the sudden none of the inputs are present when I go to select an input for a track!

Audio can still be recorded through an input option per track called "Record: input (audio or MIDI)", but the normal mono and stereo options ARE NOT THERE! This is super perplexing, as I have not changed ANYTHING with my setup or system. Perhaps something updated itself automatically overnight?

Attempts to troubleshoot so far:

The aggregate device is selected under Options > Preferences > Device.

Deleted and recreated the aggregate device in Midi settings.

I've attempted to set just one of my input devices as the main input device and then select inputs on a track, but still, none of the expected input options are available.

I've made sure that Reaper has permission to use a "Mic" within my computers privacy and security settings.

Checked for OS and software updates on my computer and rebooting.

Delete and reinstall Reaper.

Unplug all input devices and plug them back in, from both the computer and power.

Other things to note:

Under Channel naming/mapping in Audio settings, I am able to click "Edit Names/maps" for input settings and see every input for my aggregate device!!

I'm able to discover and select audio inputs in Ableton just like how one would expect.

No input selections available even for built-in recording devices on my computer.

Can anybody provide any insight into how I can fix this problem? I'd greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you.
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Sounds like the current track panel size might currently be too small to show the track input box (see image below).
So try to drag the lower and right edges of the track panel to make it bigger.

In general, it's also possible to access the input and record mode options via Right-Click on the Track Record Arm button.

Otherwise check which Track Layout is currently selected under 'Options > Layout > Track Panel' in order to rule out that it's perhaps set to a Track layout which doesn't have a track input selection box at all.

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*facepalm* Wow, I feel silly. Thanks a ton Solger, that was the problem. It would be fantastic if Cockos was able to give tracks a minimum height, or at least provide an indication that some options have been hidden due to the height of the track.

Thanks a bunch!
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