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Default Why do tracks insist they're grouped when I didn't group them?

I must be doing something wrong, but it keeps happening! : )

Just getting my feet wet with Reaper, and some of the interface aspects are pretty obtuse to me. For example, I have added tracks and built up a piece. Now several tracks won't allow me to edit them by themselves. Reaper is insisting on grouping other tracks to the edit moves but I haven't told it to! I haven't done anything except add audio to create a track and it won't let me edit that track alone without working as if I'd created a group.

Is it OE in how I'm trying to select? Or did accidentally evoke a group macro? Either way none of my attempts to unfudge are working.

Thanks for any direction....

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If you can post screenshot, we could have a better idea on what's going on.
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Reaper applies most commands to all selected items or tracks, maybe that's the issue?

If you have accidentally invoked the grouping function by hitting "g", you should select all (Cmd + a) and press "u" to ungroup.
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