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Default Reaper + Reason 11 + Nektar P6 Controller

When I have Reaper open & use a Reason 11 Instrument device as a Reason Rack Plugin (because Reason 11 no longer supports Rewire) the Nektar P6 Mapping doesn't display the Reason Rack Plugin Instrument description of what the knobs pertain to (OSC, LFO, Filter, etc) but only the name of the sound is displayed in its place.

I contacted Nektar about this and this is what they responded:
"It looks like the parameter names in Reaper are not updated as you add devices to the Reason Rack. If you open the Track Envelopes/Automation window for the track you can see that Reaper presents the parameter names like "Param 1000", "Param 1001" etc. and you can also see this on Page A, B, and C on the Panorama.

You should still be able to learn the parameters and to the Panorama controls just fine, they just unfortunately won't have the proper names displayed until Reaper changes how they present the parameters."
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