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Default IPlug2: Building WAM on windows?

I've been interested in checking out this project for a while and the repo seems in pretty good shape!

I tried building some of the examples in visual studio 2019, and fiddle a bit to get a quick sense of the API and upper levels of the architecture. Everything seemed to work as expected, Great work!

However I did not understand how to build to WAM/web. I can see there is stuff in Dependencies\IPlug\WAM_SDK\wamsdk after running There is also stuff inside IPlug\WEB.

I then noticed the .mk files in the projects folders. I tried to open them in visual studio but that did not seem to work. Also tried nmake in powershell where I got this:

    > nmake .\

    ../config/ : fatal error U1036: 
                syntax error : too many names to left of '='
(I have very little experience with make files so I don't know what I'm doing)
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You need emscripten, and I’d recommend doing it on Linux via WSL. If you are brave you can try via docker
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