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Default IPlug (wdl-ol) Hidden Parameters


I've been trying to hide some MIDI controller parameters in my VST3 project (e.g. MIDI Pitch bend, mod wheel) from being visible to the user for control or automation. Here is an example:

Parameter * param;
param = new RangeParameter(USTRING("MIDI Mod Wheel"), kModWheelParam, USTRING(""), 0.0, 1.0, 0.5, 0, ParameterInfo::kNoFlags);
Note that I set the flags to kNoFlags, indicating that the user should NOT be able to automate this parameter.

Nevertheless, I end up with this:

When I try a similar approach to the HelloWorld example in the VST3 SDK, I can hide the parameter:

parameters.addParameter (STR16 ("Bypass"), 0, 1, 0,
                                 Vst::ParameterInfo::kCanAutomate | Vst::ParameterInfo::kIsBypass,

        parameters.addParameter (STR16 ("Parameter 1"), STR16 ("dB"), 0, .5,
                                 Vst::ParameterInfo::kNoFlags, HelloWorldParams::kParamVolId, 0,
                                  STR16 ("Param1"));

         parameters.addParameter (STR16 ("Parameter 2"), STR16 ("On/Off"), 1, 1.,
                                 Vst::ParameterInfo::kCanAutomate, HelloWorldParams::kParamOnId, 0,
                                 STR16 ("Param2"));

Note that Parameter 1 is not visible.

Any ideas for why the same approach works when using the VST3 SDK directly but not when using IPlug? I recently updated the VST3 SDK that my IPlug project uses.

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Try this in your constructor when initiating the control:

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Hi nonlinear, thanks for your reply.

The parameters I'm setting up here are not IParams but Steinberg::Vst::Parameter class. I almost feel like this has something to do with the way the parameters are being read by the host (REAPER in this case), but I hope not. When I inspect the Parameters in memory at runtime, the flag is still set to 0 (kNoFlags) which theoretically should mean they aren't available for automation (since kCanAutomate is nonzero).
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As far as I know, this was not mentioned anywhere in the vst3 documentation, or on any forums I could find... But you have to provide at least 1 visible parameter for the DAW. When I created a dummy parameter that is visible, all of my MIDI parameters became hidden. Hope this can help somebody.
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