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Default Envelope Management view - Project Wide

From time to time, envelopes have to be managed, checked for mistakes, removed, activated & armed.

I handle about 1.000-10.000 envelopes in my mixing sessions, and most of them are pre-configured. I keep a toolbar button visible that tells me whether the option "Automatically add envelopes when tweaking parameters in automation write modes" in Prefs/Automation is on or off. Most of the time you don't need the solo-band parameter of a multiband compressor or the Listen function of a DeEsser to be an automated parameter. Trouble lies that way.

Troubleshooting the various problems that can occur is becoming hard in Reaper.

For example, in a 120 track project, checking for the existence of an envelope is tough because there's no project-wide way to search. It only exists for the envelope windows of individual tracks.

Checking the envelope of a particular parameter on all tracks on which this parameter has an envelope is impossible right now. Again, you only have per-track access. A few select track parameters have "toggle visibility" actions, but plugin parameters are difficult to manage that way.

And then there's the problem of activating and arming a set of parameters before you start your project, or in the middle of it for that matter.

The solution is a project-wide envelope manager.

I need it to do the following tasks.
  1. Search for parameter and plugin name in typical live-type search fashion. Reaper is great at this.

  2. Display plugin name, fx number in chain, parameter name, activation, arming, UI button, visibility, where to be visible(track or envelope lane) and value.

  3. One-click activate/deactivate and arm/disarm all displayed parameters, one parameter or selected parameters.

    For example, the envelope for the frequency of a highpass filter on all tracks on which the plugin and that parameter exists could be
    • activated or deactvated
    • change it value across all/selected instances(latching them in Latch and LatchPreview)
    • displayed on their track(s)

  4. Display the all visible in displayed list or just selected envelopes on separate envelope lanes.

    People dealing with automation items would have a great time copying automation items around between envelope lanes they don't have to hunt down in many different track envelope windows.

An Envelope Manager view could function as a display for just selected tracks too.

What say you gentlemen ? When you can, I’d certainly love to see your solution to these problems, whether they’re comon to your workflows or not.
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+ 1. thanks.
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