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Default User Illegally Posting Blankfiles' Themes in the Stash

Justin/Schwa/Moderators, could you please remove all files in the stash posted by a user called Blanksys? He's illegally posting Blankfiles' themes without permission. This kind of think can't happen. Blankfiles is one of the most talented themers in the entire Reaper community and because of this Blankfiles doesn't even want to work on any more themes.

I've never seen this kind of malicious behavior in the community and I'll be honest. It really pisses me off. I've gladly paid for Blankfiles' work and many others have as well. Without people like him in the community, this place is a lot worse off.

What upsets me more about this is that according to Blankfiles this is not the first time this has happened before.

So, I'm making a very heartfelt plea to Justin/Schwa/Moderators to remove all the files posted by Blanksys and ban this guy from the forum (and flag his IP). This is serious and it needs to be dealt with asap.

Here's the link to the offending theme in the stash and if you search his user name, there are more posts in the stash, all stealing Blankfiles' work.

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thanks Klangfarben! very nice of you but it has already been erased and I understand that the moderator is not always eyes on the stash I also find it a shame when something like that happens but this morning was a little frustrating when I wrote cancel on my tread at the bottom of the characters like that there will always be, yesterday the blanksy in question to publish my theme which was removed by the moderator and then given by the same member at once I thought that the moderator had better to do, but they still erase what proves to me that they bear interest at our request I am only positive to say reaper and the members are very nice in general! thank you for all the support but I do not think I'm better than the others in terms of creating themes but I like to do it and I must not be discouraged by this kind of thing….at the same time I did not want to create such a story for that! all this is embarrassing.
My Themes :I Logic V2.:I Logic V1.:I Logic NeXt.:Concerto.

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