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Default Ghost Track

Hi. I've been using Reaper for about a year. I record live performances and save every individual track. I then import them to Reaper and mix and edit the songs to make them sound the best they can. When I import, the (for example ) 8 songs, I have to split the tracks after each song, delete the others, so that each song can be an individual project. This has become a routine procedure for me. HOWEVER... when dividing up each song and renaming the individual projects, I ran into a new problem. For some reason, on Song A, I see the 20 tracks, as I always do. But somewhere behind it, is an out of sync "ghost" of that song, as well as the other songs from the whole show, which I had deleted. BUT...there is NOTHING visible on the screen; nothing but Song A.

To make things more complicated, I can edit Song A with effects and envelops, and it sounds perfect. The "ghost" only appears when I render the song. Then, the song sounds like there is a delay on the master, so the whole song has, what sounds like a slap echo on it. Other sonic horrors also ruin the sound, as you would expect to happen when 2 versions of a song are playing at ALMOST the same time.

I cannot see or find the source of the ghost version. This has only happened on this project, and I have done about 8 others during the past year. Please advise.

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check the project media bay to see if there are any instances of audio files in the project that shouldn't be there.
& maybe check your routing to make sure stuff isn't going where it's not supposed to
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Default Not Media Bay Strays

There's not much in the project media bay, and my "routing" seems ok, so I do not see where my"stuff" might be going where "it's not supposed to". Maybe I didn't explain my problem clearly.....
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dbl check all the fx... there must be a delay in there somewhere
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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