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No need for Python or programming skills to use most scripts (including this one).

A song is made out of a top-level folder track named "Number. The Title" (eg. "04. Sonate in C minor"). Use the "reset" button if modifying song tracks or switching projects while the script is open so that the new songs appear in the list (or just close/reopen it).

I've attached an example of a basic project structure. A project can be structured many different ways depending on its requirements but, at the core–as far as song switcher is concerned, one numbered top-level folder track = one song.
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Thanx, that made a big difference. I was stuck on the actual filenames/directories rather than the feature of "Folder" in Reaper :-|
Can you please help me understand how to make the font in the menu larger?

Also, I was sure I got each song played from the menu to stop when finished playing the region (each song) but now it continue...Yes the track after is muted so not a major problem but again, I think I had it stoped at some time during my tests....
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Just what i was looking for so i downloaded and added to my Reaper, but i dont see any way to open, edit or use it, neither any web interface.

When browse ReaPack i see Song Switcher installed, but no other sign of it to be seen. I have latest version Reaper

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