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Default New song,"Phony" feedback?

Hi Everyone.Finished this track "Phony" a while back. Sort of a Weezer inspired ditty. Relatively happy with it. Thoughts opinions on the mix/master?

Thank you.

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the buzz at the beginning is a cool effect to set the mood for rock but the audio doesnt blend into the first downbeat as well as it could.
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The main vocal feels a bit buried to me. I might suggest more lower mids for more body, plus a bit more volume. Also could do with some de-essing. The snare also has a bit of a hollow resonance to it. The overall balance I think could do with less midrange focus and more subs. The low end sounds too rolled-off to me, except for the toms which are noticeably much bigger and fuller than the kick.

I also hear some occasional clicks that don't seem intentional. Might be worth checking to see that all of your split edits crossfade properly to silence, or that it's not being created by something like an automated FX bypass
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