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Default Midi notes not playing the same length...

Hi guys,
I'm using Windows 7 Pro, the newest version of Reaper and Garriton Personal Orchestra. I've laid down some midi notes that sound great. When I CTRL drag copy them to another point in the timeline, they copy exactly as expected, but then some notes cut off when played back. For example, if the note is _____ in length on the piano roll, it will play _ . I can erase it even and draw that same note _______________________ that long and the sustain still will cut off like the note has been drawn _ length. It doesn't do it on all the notes, just some. I have inspected the properties, everything is the same.

Any ideas?
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It sounds like something (a hidden/overlapping note?) is sending a "note off" event before the "note off" of the drawn note.

Perhaps check in the "event list" view (ALT-3 in the MIDI Editor) and make sure that you don't have any overlapping notes. Probably the easiest way I can think of is to marquee-select the note in question (and just that note) in the "piano roll" view, starting at the very beginning the the drawn note and slecting all the way to the end of the drawn note. When you switch to the event list, if you see more than one note selected, then there is a hidden note that got selected also. (If so, deleting it should solve the problem.)

Another possibility is that the "note off" could be coming from another track. Do you have any other tracks that are sending MIDI to the Garritan VSTi? If so, make sure that they are sending on the intended channels and/or don't contain a note that was accidentally written on the wrong channel.
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Thank you! It looks like it was a notes off event that was somehow in the midi editor. Thanks for the Alt 3!

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