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Default Show frame number when working with video?


I'm working on an animatic for a client who gave me notes that correspond to frame numbers rather than time stamps.

I've been trying to figure this out for the past couple hours-- Googled, watched videos-- and I can't for the life of me figure out how to show what the current video frame number is.

Basically what happens is it displays what I guess is...SOME frame? And then resets at to 0 when it gets past 60.

I know right-clicking on the ruler and picking Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames is a step in the right direction, but that doesn't seem to display the frame (unless I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what frames are--possible!).

I looked for it under Project Settings and couldn't find it there either.

Thanks for reading.
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welcome to the forum, crabtenhost!

make sure to have the following settings checked in project settings and in the snap/grid settings dialog besides having the time line set to show frames:

depending on your specific project, you might have to set the frame rate to something else than 30 frames in project settings. The frame rate set there has to match that of your video material (double click on a video item and then click on properties to find out the frame rate of that video; avoid to mix videos of different frame rates in a project).

further more, you can display the big clock (from the view menu) and set it to show frames via its own context menu.

if you wanna display the timecode in the video preview window (and maybe even in the rendered video) there's a timecode overlay preset available for the video processor.

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also just a thought

ask your client from what he is determining the frm number he is telling you

is is from a program like reaper? or from an arbitrary smpte number

I mention that because smpte does not have to necessarily matchwhat shows up in reaper's ruler
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