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Default Move media to new folder; leave samples where they belong

Hey all,

Quick, very possibly dumb, question: Sometimes I create a little drum situation with some samples, and then add some bass (I'm a bass player) and other stuff, but when I save the project (I know, I should probably start by saving the project and such) I select to move the media to the new folder so that my bass playing and other elements are moved there, but when I look in there, the samples I'm using (via RS5K) also get moved to the session folder. I did notice, though, last time it copied the samples, it didn't move them altogether. While I appreciate that because I hated moving my samples back manually, it still is quite annoying.

I was wondering if there was a way to not do this, and to move only the audio recorded media while leaving the samples in the folders where they belong. I don't want my samples to either change places, or to be duplicated in multiple sessions. Any suggestions?

Thanks a ton!
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