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Default Disconnects with too much audio? :-)


I've made a few "grooves" with Reason, which is arrangements with drums, bass, guitar and keys to fill in on NINJAM when needed. In Reaper I've setup a "live" incomming channel for my instrument (or mic) and ta channel for rewiring Reason (both stereo) routed to the master-bus with ReaNINJAM on it. The CPU-meters show loads up to ~20-30%. It's running on a 1,1GHz/512MB machine equipped with a Creamware soundcard (PowerSampler 1).

The problem is that when I start Reason I often get disconnected in a few seconds. As I see it, the server shouldn't care how many local tracks I have in Reaper, but it happens only when I Reason starts to play. When Reason is idle (and loaded) there's no problem with disconnections.

Sometimes it works though :-) This is an example of a very talented online band jamming:
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