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Default Guitar Super switch - how to?

TLDR; how does a super switch work and how would one wire it up? I found the articles I googled to be not very descriptive

I recently bought this:

its amazing - and I wired it like this so far:

it has, by default:

3 pickups, the neck is a humbucker - I swapped it out for a blues pickup from guitar fetish - it has a switch for making it single coil. It was out of phase and fucked up but I fixed that.

I added a push pull pot to enable the neck pickup at all times so I can get the traditional neck/bridge pickup combo.

So I have the following sounds:

- bridge
- bridge middle
- middle
- middle neck
- neck

- single coil bridge
- single coil bridge/middle

- bridge/neck
- bridge/middle/neck

- single coil bridge/neck
- single coil bridge/middle/neck

I was thinking of making the volume pot a push pull and making the humbucker AND neck out of phase so I could add the following sounds:

- bridge and middle out phase
- middle and neck out of phase

- single coil bridge and middle out of phase

- single coil bridge and neck out of phase w/middle
- bridge and neck out of phase w/middle

But then I saw a super switch, and I wondered if I could accomplish this easier with that and maybe add an option to make other combinations like getting the neck and bridge out of phase
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