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Default MIDI drum notes are cut off

Hey all. I'm new to Reaper territory, far as having the time on my hands to resume recording music at home again. With that said, I've been facing a problem with recording new MIDI drum tracks using Superior Drummer 3, one that's got me wondering if the same thing will occur when tracking synths and other instruments via MIDI...

Whether by drag & drop or when recording into the instrument track's MIDI editor panel, I'll notice that certain notes such as cymbal tails or open hi-hats that I want to have last puropsely uninterrupted (at least for now), get cut off by proceeding notes/hits when playing back or recording new percussion/drum kit hits. All attempts to adjust menu & preference options such as checking & unchecking the Correct Overlapping Notes option, even editing volume levels of overlapped notes & making sure to not let fingers linger upon trigger keys while recording have done little to fix these unwanted occurrences. Note as well that this is while viewing the editor grid notes as rectangles (out of old-fashioned comfort of visual referencing). How can I get the notes to play back correctly with the right duration and tails at this point?
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I don't know much about Superior Drummer, but in the native Reaper sampler there is a checkbox for "obey note-offs". If this is checked the note is silenced as soon as the midi note (rectangle) ends. Maybe there is a similar setting in SD.
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