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Default GUI Laggy on OSX (FIXED)

I noticed a ui refresh issue with the 5.961 pre1 release.
For example the microtonic pluginpads and waveform view are no more animated or sometimes start to animate a few second on late after I hit play.

Was there a change in the release who can explain this issue ?
I also faced a crash to desktop with Spire plugin when browsing presets.
All was fine before this pre and Reaper used to be rock solid ! Something should have been broken.

I tried microtonic with 5.96 and 5.95 Reaper releases.
GUI issue still the same :
GUI starts to animate 20 seconds after I hit Reaper play button and is still animated for several seconds after I hit stop.
Note : this issue happens with VST version, AU version is fine.
Tried VST version in Ableton live and all is fine.

Clean cash and rescan plugin in reaper doesn't help.

Edit : tried with an old version Reaper 5.79, no issue. Bug was introduced between 5.79 and 5.95.

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