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Default Reascript Global Memory?

Hello forum,

I'm hoping someone can shine some light on this: Is there a way to access (read/write) global reascript memory. I'm desperately looking for a solution to share a few objects between multiple deferred scripts, and seem to be killing my system reading/writing from extstate.

I found a post discussing gmem[] specifically in JS/OSCIIBOT, but am interested if there is the equivalent in reascript, there's no mention within the API.

Post in question:

Thanks for any info!
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Untested, but from prerelease:

v5.961+dev1029 - October 29 2018   + ReaScript: add reaper.gmem_attach()/gmem_read()/gmem_write() to Lua for interacting with JSFX/Video Processors/EEL2 ReaScripts gmem[] segments
I wonder if this works through different ReaScripts or only between JSFX and ReaScripts.
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Yes, it works for anything.
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As I understand it, EEL ReaScripts have had gmem for a long time. The upcoming pre stuff is just for interaction between JSFX and ReaScripts.

https://www.cockos.com/EEL2/index.php#basic (5th and 6th bullet points)

I've never actually used it in a script though. Don't know if Lua and Python have anything similar.
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