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Default v4: SWS/S&M Extension

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a little update with regards to SWS/S&M and v4:

1) It looks like SWS works just fine with Reaper v4, although due to subtle differences there may be issues. Please, as always, post bug reports to the SWS tracker linked in my signature. We are committed to making the extension as stable and bug-free as possible.

2) There is definitely some overlap of features with v4 and SWS/S&M. We are going to take this opportunity to do a little house cleaning. So, in the next few weeks, you will see separate SWS versions for v3 (mostly unchanged from today) and then a new v4 only version with a cleaned up action list, menu structure, and removal of deprecated features. Support for the v3 version of SWS will be limited as I want to encourage everyone to upgrade to v4.

Thanks to you, the community, for your continued support!
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