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Default "Item Groups" tab of "Project Bay": groups are open by default

I've been using the "Item Groups" tab of the "Project Bay" window a lot, but when there are a lot of groups, it becomes very difficult because item groups are always opened by default - so I always end up having to use the filter, and/or do a lot of scrolling and closing groups I don't need.

Worse yet, the state of the groups is not entirely persistent - if I go to a different tab in the Project Bay, or switch to another window in the Docker the Bay is in, the item groups often ends up resetting back to having all groups open.

I think this could be improved with the 3 following changes:

1. Make item groups display as closed by default, or better yet, provide this as a checkbox setting in the Options menu of the tab.
2. Have a right-click menu action of "Close/Open all item groups" for the Item Groups tab.
3. Make sure that the state of item groups is persistent.
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