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Default Praise after moving from VegasPro

For years I've edited video in Vegas. In many ways it's similar to Reaper. Recently I've been editing videos where I need to select and move lots of little chunks. Incredibly in Vegas you need to select in the menus editing tool or select tool, there is NO shortcut key unless you use last-selected. I was so used to Reaper where you can create shortcut keys to whatever you like, it really bugged me. This dedicated video app is so old and iterated in so many versions yet no shortcut or means to create one for this basic workflow!

So gave Reaper a try and now that's it. I've moved. Nice familar environment, total control, and as a fantastic bonus - amazing preview! I don't know how Reaper does it but the preview quality is incredible. In Vegas I'm usually in "draft" or "preview" low quality mode, but in Reaper the preview is amazing.

Oh, and even the render! I rendered a video in Vegas that came out as 6.5Gb. Same thing recreated in Reaper was 600Mb and I can't see any difference. In fact it was so good I took some of the huge files already rendered in vegas and put them through Reaper just to squeeze them down to something decent. Again, they looked identical. WTH?!

Anyway, just had to rant about my joy.
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Its always cool to read those things.

IMHO Reaper is just simply one of the best softwares ever written. Really.
I'm using an old laptop from 2011, and the video editing works AWESOME. Far far far better than dedicated video editing softwares.

Cockos team is full of geniuses
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