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Default 109 Which version has better bass?

I released this 3 months ago, but yesterday listening I thought the bass was too wide / muddy.


So I tried tightening it. Removing sides from low-frequencies. Is it better now? Or does it sound too over-processed / fake?

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I think the second version sounds a lot better. It was muddying everything up and making it hard to focus on the other instruments in the first version.

It's still very uneven though - and not the playing dynamics. Some notes are a lot quieter than others, in a way that doesn't sound natural. Do you have compression on it? Master bus compression, multi-band?
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I fully agree with what has already been said.

The new bass is much better than the earlier. I would want it even more tightened, there are some annoying frequencies that stick out. I would try ReaXComp to compress (no auto makeup gain) the low end.
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Totally unrelated, I think the percussion elements can be turned up
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