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Default Reatune

I imported an old project from Audacity (I was in the Newbie section earlier on with the problem that my tracks were coming out of just one speaker - problem solved). I added my favourite Xfects and thought I would retune the vocals as this is a four-year recording of mine.

I forgot that when I started out I would record guitar and voice together.
Nonetheless, I tried to retune. Put it in the key of G major, manual correction and started playing the tune but no sqiggly lines appeared in the window. I tried with automatic correction. Still nothing. I went to a vocal I recorded in Reaper and tried that and here there was no problem. The squiggly lines appeared. It is a pure vocal track (minus guitar).

There are four tracks to the tune.

Bass guitar
Mandolin rhythm
Guitar rhythm and vocals (on the same track)
Mandolin solo

Reatune works on all tracks except for guitar rhythm and vocals (on the same track).

Any ideas why Reatune does no work on that track please.

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