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Default Reproducible: FX Shortcuts incorrectly mapped while using an Alt Keyboard Section

I’ve found a reproducible bug with creating new FX shortcuts, which appears to be an unintended side effect of the Alt Keyboard Sections feature in v7.

tldr - Newly created FX shortcut actions are not properly mapped when you’re toggled to a persistent alternate keymap section. Ideally, newly created FX shortcuts would be saved to whichever keymap section you’re currently operating in.

How to reproduce:
- Toggle override to a persistent “alt-#” keymap section
- Open the “Add FX…” window for track or item
- Select an effect, right click and chose “Create shortcut…”
- Create a shortcut, the Edit Shortcut dialogue closes automatically
- ** Shortcut will not work in your chosen alt-# section**

Further troubleshooting steps:
- Switch to Main keymap section
- Filter/search for “insert fx”; note: the FX shortcut created above exists with the shortcut mapping created above; it works under the Main section.
- Toggle override back to “alt-#” section
- Filter/search for “insert fx”; note: the FX shortcut exists here, but without any shortcut mapping
- You can now re-map the FX shortcut on in the alt-# section and it will work as expected in that section.
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Thanks! Looking into this
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