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Default Dafarkias Various Scripts (Testing only)

Use at your own risk. I'm not endorsing these in any way, or suggesting that you should download and install them on your PC. Should you, please share your results and findings with me, I would really appreciate it.

Some of these require Julian Saders plugin, and most of them need SWS, sooooo:

1. Ensure your Reaper is updated to the latest and greatest. (Scripts were formulated using 5.972)

2. Ensure SWS Extensions is both installed and updated (Version 2.10.0 was used for formulation of scripts)

3. Install Julian Sader's js_ReaScriptAPI Extension, follow the directions on his post at this link: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=212174

List of scripts as follows:
Dfk Advance Loop Segment
Dfk Regress Loop Segment
These scripts move the Reaper loop segment either forward or backward by measure of its length, and then focuses the arranger view. If regressing, the play cursor is also moved accordingly.
Dfk Place SM on Left Click
Dfk Remove SM on Left Click
These scripts are toggle scripts, and in order to use them they need to both be individually registered as a SWS Cycle toggle action. After doing so, open the scripts with either Reascript or Notepad++ and assign the Command Action ID's accordingly in the USER AREA to whatever SWS Cycle actions that you designated.
Dfk Quantize Project Markers
Quantizes project markers.
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File Type: lua Dfk Advance Loop Segment.lua (509 Bytes, 2 views)
File Type: lua Dfk Regress Loop Segment.lua (713 Bytes, 1 views)
File Type: lua Dfk Place SM on Left Click.lua (2.1 KB, 2 views)
File Type: lua Dfk Remove SM on Left Click.lua (2.0 KB, 2 views)
File Type: lua Dfk Quantize Project Markers.lua (559 Bytes, 4 views)
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Default Addendum:

I would like to add, if anyone is interested, I have the following scripts *working*, but the installation involves configuring Toolbars and SWS Cycle Actions a wee bit:

Global Project Startup (Shell) Not reaper startup, which is included in SWS, but customizable actions upon any project being opened or loaded.

Save project(s) arranger scroll and zoom position, and auto-load upon reopening of project(s)

Delete SM by index (user input) in selected item(s)

Copy Stretch Markers in selection/Paste Stretch Markers to selection

Center Play Cursor (This script was created because follow play cursor doesn't work well on my PC for some reason. This is a Toggle-script)

Change loop point color upon activation/deactivation (Reascript Theme Developer)
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