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Default M1 Mac thread

Reaper is unfortunately not there yet for M1 use. I am getting stutters all the time with any task switching like switching desktops, changing apps with apple+tab, and getting onscreen notifications. I have flashing yellow transport enabled to warn of dropouts and I get them all the time, when adding plugins, using synths to a mere fraction of their full capability in voices, etc.

The only thing I'll miss is these blazing fast render speeds, but it's not worth it to me anymore, since I primarily use Reaper for live jamming and looping.

Other DAWs are working more smoothly but... they're other DAWs. I can't do nearly half the stuff my live looper setup in Reaper has with MIDI routing, CC Mapper X, MIDI performer, etc.

It was fun for a while but too many performance hiccups, I just don't trust this machine anymore. Also, it's not all that much faster at basic computing stuff like Safari, and many apps even though they say they're M1 optimised simply run slower than the equivalent on my 11 year old Dell Intel laptop and 8 year old intel MacBook Pro.

Just reporting my 2 cents, hope others have had a better experience.

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