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Default LangPack French bug, we are stuck, until these issues are resolved

• Mac os 10.15.7
• Windows 10 pro (for comparisons)
• Computer: macmini i7 2,3 ghz

Various detailed and completed issues to help developers fix bugs as quickly as possible.
We count on the resolution of these bugs to be able to progress in our work and thus make benefit from our long work of translation and resizing of the windows to all the french-speaking users of Reaper.

Is there a quick way or tool to locate Reaper menu, dialog or specific window in the LangPack Template file?

Issue 1 : (very important and essential)
Problem: There are lots of windows in Windows that are not resized the same on MacOS.
How can you resize windows and have it work on both operating systems?
It is important to fix this problem.
Windows and Mac windows are too different when translating and resizing.
Expected: Resizings done on MacOS should also work on Windows. Otherwise, you would need a LangPack file for each system. Which is too complicated and too much work.

Issue 2 (This issue does not appear on Windows but there are other issues near this location like truncated drop down menus etc.)
Langpack : [MIDIEDIT]
Problem: I can't resize the window ‘key snap’ = «Magnétisme à la clé» in French.
Several strings are missing.
Expected: Possibility of resizing.

Issue 3
Problem: When I activate in the preferences the option: «rounded macos buttons» = «boutons macos arrondis» in french, long words (English or French) in the drop-down menus at the bottom of the MIDI window are truncated: «hauteur tonal» (= pitch n english) and «tous les canaux» = «all channels» in english. They cannot be resized. If we deactivate “rounded macos buttons”, there is no longer a problem.
Expected: Possibility of resizing or correction of the bug related to the “rounded macos buttons” option.

Issue 4
problem: In “Project settings” then the “media” tab, then the option “format for apply fx, glue, freeze etc” then “custom”, I cannot resize the “choose format for apply fx” window /glue/freeze= Choisir le format pour appliquer les fx/fusionner/geler/etc» in french.

Same for the option just below « default format for project/region render » = «format par defaut pour le rendu du projet/région» in french, I can't resize the window.

It is probably necessary to be able to resize the outline of the window, i.e., probably the OK, CANCEL buttons and perhaps the title of the window, so that the middle resizes.
Expected: Possibility of resizing.

Issue 5
Problem: It is not possible to resize the "theme adjuster" window
Expected: Possibility of resizing.

Issue 6 : (Works under windows 10 pro)
problem: It is not possible to translate the following English words into French in the item properties window:
• item timebase
• take name
• loop source
• preserve pitch when changing rate
• choose new file
• rename file
• update all similar items in project with new filename
• new folder
• peak
• true peak,
Expected: We can translate these words

Issue 7 :
problem : It is not possible to resize the "save as" or “new project” windows
Expected: Possibility of resizing.

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