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Default ReaClips (build and browse a personal sound/clip/loop library)

These scripts provide functionality for REAPER inspired by Ableton Live Clips and Studio One musicloops. Musical ideas and clips can be quickly saved from selected items, then browsed and organised in the Media Explorer, and loaded into an open project as exploded tracks or as subprojects.

(Edit) 'Open in Media Explorer' actions only working on Windows for the time being!


1. Install ReaPack and import my repo: https://github.com/s0u7h/pcp/raw/master/index.xml
2. Also requires ReaPack repos from cfillion, JS_ReaScriptAPI (both imported by default) and me2beats
3. Install SWS
4. Synchronize packages, Browse packages, Install ReaClips


1. Select an item or items that you want to save, then run the action "Save ReaClip (selected items)"
2. This will prompt you to name the ReaClip (by default named and auto-saved with a time-stamp - thanks @paat!)
3. The script will create a folder called "ReaClips" under your default save path. You can change this name in the script user settings or use one of the other actions (e.g. "Save ReaClip to Beats folder").
4. There is an additional "save as" step due to limitations in REAPER's current API. When the dialog comes up, just hit 'Save' and 'Yes'. The option to include media should be enabled by default but maybe check this is the case on your system (option only needs setting once).
5. The script will then render the ReaClip with an audio preview, taking into account any sends or receives that affect the sound (so no need to select e.g. reverb sends or nested folder tracks, they will be automatically included), and then open the Media Explorer to show the most recent ReaClips.


* The "Open Media Explorer to ReaClips path" can be triggered from the Main section or from the Media Explorer, and is useful to put on a toolbar button. This is a useful Edgemeal snippet, you can edit the user settings inside to target different folders/databases. Also if you don't want the "Save ReaClip" actions to open the media browser automatically, you can change this in the script's user settings.

* These are just project files (with audio preview) so you can browse through them and either use the native actions to Open project / Insert as subproject, or use the actions "Insert ReaClip at start" or "Insert ReaClip at edit cursor" to load and explode the file into your currently active project. Unlike other 'explode subproject' scripts this should carry over everything including automation items. With one exception...

* If your clip contains Melodyne or other ARA edits then the ReaClip shoud keep your edits intact. However if you use the 'Insert ReaClip' actions it'll immediately reanalyze and lose the edits. You'll also lose the project-wide data like tempo and time signature. In that case, use 'Insert as subproject' or 'Open project in new tab' instead.

* The 'Load ReaClip' actions create a "Temp" folder under your default save path which can be safely ignored or deleted. It doesn't contain media, just minimal project files that will be just a few KB each. Reason this is necessary is for the script to open and close a background project silently, without prompts.


* JS_ReaScriptAPI
* ReaPack repos: cfillion for selecting send and receive tracks of selected tracks, and me2beats for his save/restore active project tabs.
* Reaper 6.58+ - may work weirdly or not at all on older versions, as it uses recent API.

What are ReaClips?

They're just project files, with automatically generated audio previews, that the 'Save ReaClip' action automatically saves in a specific folder under your default save path. Once saved, you don't require these scripts to access or edit them. They can be browsed in the media explorer and opened as projects, inserted as subprojects, or exploded onto tracks using one of the 'Load ReaClip' scripts.

Why not just use track templates?

Track templates still don't offer as much functionality as projects for this type of workflow. With ReaClips, you can do everything you can do with a project, such as preview with audio in the Media Explorer at different tempos and pitches, and have more useful ways to insert into an active project. And unlike track templates, ReaClips store the project-wide like tempo/time signature changes, and ARA data. If you use ARA plugins like Melodyne, you're probably familiar with the necessity to render stems/takes after making edits, in case the plugin reanalyses the source media. ReaClips for the most part work well with Melodyne, so this script can be used to 'archive' Melodyned clips.


if you wish to add the Load/Save/Browse Reaclip actions to your Main or Media Explorer toolbar, you can use these horrifying icons, which should be installed by ReaPack.

Thanks to @paat for the auto-name-and-save script snippet and for suggesting this type of project-based workflow, Edgemeal for the media explorer script and BirdBird and Lemerchand for Discord advice, cfillion, SWS, me2beats and Julian Sader for code that makes up the bulk of this script's functionality.

Bug reports, improvements, forks, feedback welcome.

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