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Default Pro Tools-like Folder Structure

Inside a Pro Tools project folder, there are several child folders for storing different kinds of files. I'd like a more comprehensive folder system for Reaper as well:

- Bounced files
- Audio clips (for imported, not-recorded-in-this-project audio files)
- Rendered files (for sub-renders and frozen tracks)
- Recorded files
- MIDI files
- Video files
- Session file backups

This would greatly tidy up project folders without the user having to think about it, make manual folders and do manual clean-ups for every project.

Reaper's Media Files folder goes a long way, but its purpose is defeated when Reaper lumps all kinds of audio files into it automatically.

Especially the Bounced Files folder would be of great help to me personally. Or even just the option of writing "%Bounced Files" in the Render window.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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+1 That would be great.
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