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Default Live Chord Input Playing Try Out

You can try this out and let me know how it works for you as I don't have a keyboard at the moment to try it out.
It lets you input chords from your keyboard, on each chord change it will go to that chord region. You can have multiple chord region with the same name to give more variations.

Right click Save Link/Target As

You can try it out with some test files, the test file will create verse blue and chorus green section as well as verse ending, chorus ending and holds. So you can generate up say 4 bars of each chord you will be playing for the verse and chorus, do the same for endings, and if you want some holds I think they are 3 or 4 bars long. So whatever chord you input it will go to the region chord and loop it until the chord is change or section changed.
I will get it to play fills automatically in another update, If you want some fill add them in the regions when you create the track then when done remove the fill regions and extend the verse or chorus over those bars :


I'll make a better guide if it's all working ok.
After you have the Chord Player installed in Reaper from the guide below,
run ReaTrak midi chord input to region chord player.lua from the Action window or from the "Chord Region Player" button.
Create a Chord Input Track when asked "Yes"

Options > Preferences > MIDI Devices > enable Input from your keyboard.
On the Chord Input Midi track select your keyboard as Midi Input.

To get a Chord Font in the display right click chords.ttf > Install
in Options > Show REAPER Resource Path in finder/explorer

Set the keyswitches to the notes in the pic or to your choice (these will be saved for next time)
Set the Keyswitch Octave to 1 or your choice.
You can also click the buttons on the GUI.

If you want to use 1 finger chords just send one of the vst's to track 1 and input you keyboard to the vst track.
Insert Piz Midi VSTs Google Code Archive

This is changing styles that have a different bpm, you just need "xxxbpm" in the track name. You can Edit the track name or have it in the wav file name you drag in. Just make sure to change Reaper to that tempo before dropping in the wav

track choice

see in action



EZ Install Guide

For those new to Reaper this might be an easier way to install/update ReaTrak.
1. Reaper > Options > Preferences > General > Export Configuration
check all boxes and Save as backup configuration !!!!

2. Reaper > Options > Preferences > General > Import Configuration

3. Reaper > Actions > Show Action List > Import >
REAPER\KeyMaps\ReaTrak Scripts.ReaperKeyMap

4. Reaper > Actions > Show Action List > Import >
REAPER\KeyMaps\ReaReaTrak Custom Actions Required (Main).ReaperKeyMap

5. Reaper > Actions > Show Action List
Section> MIDI Editor > Import >
REAPER\ReaTrak MIDI Editor.ReaperKeyMap

6. Reaper > View > Toolbar Docker add or change toolbar from

7. Make sure you have SWS Extensions installed.
ReaTrakStudio Chord Track for Reaper forum
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Update Endings colors now match:

right click Save Link/Target As
ReaTrak midi chord input to region chord player.lua

replace in Scripts\ReaTrak
ReaTrakStudio Chord Track for Reaper forum
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