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Default Creating a smarter headphone mix

I'm playing around with sends and routing options to create a separate headphone mix for an upcoming recording session.

Besides the Reaper Web Remote interface I also have touchOSC in my phone, which are both great options. However there's a big problem. Only send levels can be adjusted, not receive levels...
I would like to have a single track with all the receives, so that I can give my phone to the musician I'm tracking with, and say to him "ok, you can set your levels by touching these 5 faders".
Right now, one has to go to each send track and change the volume there, which is not great...

Any ideas or suggestions? I know MPL had made a script for that, but that doesn't apply very well to the context of a headphone mix...
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I'm positive that the send level (at the sending track) and the receive level (at the track you use to aggregate all the sends into a headphone mix) are one and the same. As as experiment, try setting a send to -10 dB, then go look at the receive level on the track that receives the send. It also says -10 dB.

I'm not familiar with OSC and what gets displayed on your device.

But if you can see a routing panel on the send, wouldn't you be able to just look at the routing panel of the receiving track? All the different faders for the receives coming into that track are shown.

I personally had problems with headphone mix tracks because you can't dock or pin the Routing Panel on the receive track. So it closes every time it loses focus. Also, for lots of receives, there is no way to compact the mix view, so one has to scroll constantly to tweak the phone mix. It would be great if you could have a track display receives on the mixer or track view like you can with plugins.

Instead I use this little mixer VST that I got with Traction some years back, called "TF Mixer.dll" I don't see it on the web any more, though. These receive faders CAN be shown in the mixer & track panels; much more convenient. You can also enter an alias name for each control, so instead of 'GAIN 1' you can rename it 'Drum Mix' or whatever.

There might be some equivalent mixer VST out there, though, which won't close whenever you switch windows (just a thought).

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I just tried the cell web browser phone control, and it does have a way to set up monitor receive level mix very easily (which, as I mentioned above, varies the sends also). It's actually very cool, and overcomes the phone mix issues I talked about above in a very handy fashion.

Use the default URL, something like this (your exact numbers in the IP address might vary): to get to it.

Then add '/more_me' to the URL address like this:

I'm not sure, but I think for multiple phone sends, you need to increment the port number for each separate monitor mix, like 8080, 8081, 8082, etc.
(I could be wrong here, it'd be good to read the manual.)
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