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Default API: GetUserFilenameForRead issue on High Sierra

(I'll apologize in advance for not being able to help narrow this down, as I don't have access to a Mac)

One of my scripts' users let me know this morning that they couldn't select files in the dialog provided by GetUserFilenameForRead; they could navigate folders, but files were all greyed out. The user is running OSX High Sierra, and I suspect the problem might be OS- or version-specific.

My code:
ret, path = reaper.GetUserFileNameForRead("", "Select a file", "")
I've also tried nil for the last argument, which predictably crashes, and * which works fine here on Linux but still had the same issue on High Sierra.
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My scene detect script now seems to suffer from same problem when it open a dialog asking for location of ffprobe.

I'm pretty sure that dialog used to work.
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Oops yes, fixing.
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