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Default r 5.981: Tempo-matching for new subprojects fails

subject: Tempo/Region-matching for new subprojects doesn't work!

system: Reaper 5.981/x64 Win 10


If you insert a new virginal subproject by "menu --> insert --> New
subproject" Reaper will choose your template-start-project as new

This just created subproject inherits the tempo of the parent-project.
But: The regions in the subproject will NOT be adapted to the new tempo.
They are emblazoned on the ruler in an askew and awry look.

step by step reproduction

1. Create a template-reaper-project with a
region from bar 2 to 6. Set it's tempo to 100 bpm.
Time-base = beats.

2. Preferences: On "New project" set this template-project
to be loaded automatically.

3. Create a new project in Reaper.
Set the tempo to 137 bpm.

4. Create a virgin new subproject by:
Draw a time-selection.
"menu --> insert -- New subproject"

--> Look at the new subproject in your tab-strip:
The subproject has taken over the tempo: 137 bpm.
But the region looks awkward, it doesn't go from
bar 2 to 6. Instead it is placed wonky and askew
anywhere between the bars.


Normally a default-start-template has a preconfigured
song structure in its region-strip at the ruler, maybe around
20 regions, because this is a convenient way for the
creation of songs or song-parts.

But in case you create a new subproject this region-strip
becomes totally misplaced - and you have to work for quite a
time to get the regions straight on the bars again.

better way

Greenly I would say it must be easy to let Reaper just adapt
all marker + regions when the tempo is adapted to the
new template-subproject. Is it easy?
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