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Default DI electric guitars out of phase?

I know squat about phase (thought it was only with miking stuff), but when I flipped my master to mono just now, it sounded like the stereo guitars (DI tracks, two separate performances) had a weird chorusing effect that I associate with things being out of phase.

Is this even possible? If so, how do I fix it and keep it from happening again?
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"Something else" is going on, but I don't know what...

With two different performances the phase relationships are random, so flipping the phase (polarity) usually makes no difference.

Of course there will be timing differences but those shouldn't give you "phasing issues").
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Thanks. I figured as much, but was surprised by how it sounded. I may try to post a clip later.
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Is it sort of random? If so its that your likely playing very tight and when everything aligns just right things cancel or add. This is sometimes a problem even in stereo as listening closely one can hear the stereo image shift between wide and/or some notes sounding mono because those both happened enough at the same time to create a phantom center just for the stuff that adds instead of cancels or no effect.

Not saying that's it but it becomes noticeable with different yet very tight/in sync performances using the same amp settings etc.
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"Weird chorusing" could just be the result of the two performances layered in mono, since, unlike keyboards, guitars that sound in tune are never technically completely in tune, and their slight difference in pitches will interact in mono, and so the two performances chorusing with each other when mono'd is basically what I'd expect. No phase issue required : )
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