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Default any drummer? i have a question


I was going through many of the virtual drumset on this site above.

I noticed that most have one High Crash cymbal...and usually two Medium Crash cymbals (same ones usually) one the left of the high crash and one on the right side maybe next to the ride.

Why is this the case? why isn't the high crash also doubled somewhere?


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fred garvin
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Lol that's a fun site but not necessarily anything to do with reality... never seen Bonham play 2 rack toms or heard Copeland play that loose a snare.

But to your question I think many right handed drummers me included have a light crash somewhere that they can easily reach it with either hand, which for most right handed players including me is often somewhere over the left rack tom, and a heavy crash to the right because then you can easily use it for a big splashy ride sound, most RH players riding with their right hand. But yah I've seen completely symmetrical kits, everything duped on both sides. YMMV. Rock on!
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