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Default Track all songs in one project or multiple?

Hi. I feel like this is a dumb question. With adat or tape a session would go on one reel. What is best practice in the digital world? All songs in one project? Separate projects for each song? If it is one project, what are you doing to split them when it comes to mix down?

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It depends. If you use same setup for each track for all songs, then one project for all is good idea imo.

In tape times (adat/tascam or analog) all songs were on same tape, true. But they were mixed individually, one by one. There was no one click recall.

DAWs have advantage of full recall. So it makes sense to split project into songs. If you have all songs in a row, you can have entire session loaded, and just listen to the part you are working on (as you would with adat tape). Or you can delete everything before and after the song you are working on.

Try differnt ways and you will see what works best for you.
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I'm really not expert-enough to answer, but...

It seems like if you are doing a "typical" multi-track, multi-take rock band project, things could get unwieldy if you don't make separate projects for each song.

If you are doing something more-simple, like recording a church choir in stereo (or a small number of tracks) with everything recorded in one session, it probably makes more sense to keep it all together in one project.

Then when you get to the mastering stage (if you do a separate mastering step) you'd want to work on it as an album.
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