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Default connecting MK-Audio USB controller to Roland MC-707 using reaper?

Hi, I 'm wondering if it's possible to connect the MK Audio MIDI controller which has only a USB connector to the Roland MC-707 in order to be able to play the 'pads' sounds from the MK-Audio's keys.
I 'm facing some problems. I 'm working on a Mac Mini 2020 with M1 processor. I can get the MK Audio to connect to FX synthesiser VSTI's like power drumkit, sweet case,... without a problem.
The Roland is giving me a headache.
- I installed the drivers, restarted the computer and connected the Roland with it's USB cable
- after that I was able to select the Roland as a sound device in Reaper and that part works
- I also activated the Roland in preferences as midi input (enabled + control) and midi output.
I 'm able to select the Roland as a midi input on a track, but when I play something on one of the pads nothing happens in Reaper. I'm really new to MIDI. Don't know in which direction to look for an answer.
SoI keep wondering if it's feasible to control the Roland by the MK Audio's keys using Reaper or is it just not possible without adding some other device like a midi host? If it can be done, could someone point out in short how it should be done?
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Not sure why there are no answers to my question. I'm surely not the first person on earth wondering about how to connect a usb midi controller to a midi device like the MC-707. Or am i just asking the wrong question and is a usb midi controller just meant to connect to software applications?
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So maybe i am of limited help as i don’t have an mc707 and i sm doing this from memory as my studio is packed up as i move halfway across the us this month.

If i correctly understand, you want to use the controller connected to your mac and reaper to play sounds out of your mc707?

You say you got the controller part worked out where you can have it as midi input to a track, assign a vsti to that track, and then play and get sound if i correctly understand.

You should then be able to create a routing output to a midi hardware device and select the mc707 on that track.

Then on a second track you should be able to select the mc707 as an audio input device.

I have done similar things except not directly with usb - indirectly - i route audio out of the device in question to my audio interface which is connected to my pc via usb. I then select the interface as an input audio device on a second track.

I might be missing what your trying to do. Elaborate some more and maybe i can help, i have done all kinds of different audio and midi connections.

Generally, to answer your question; no controllers are not limited to playing vstis. Reaper can be used to route midi from the controller to another device. I have a midisport midi interface that i use to route midi from reaper to other devices like a yamaha mx49, boss dr880, akai s5000 at one time or another - and the first two devices more for learning as the mx49 has its own keybed and the dr880 has its own drum patterns.

I have used a midiplus akm320 as my controller.

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